About Us

The Migration Project is an initiative of the European Union, facilitated the Democracy Development Program, an NGO based in Durban that works to help deepen the practice of democracy in the country.

Gugu Donsy Kunene – Project Coordinator

Gugu Madonsela is a qualified journalist who established her own Media Company, Central Route Media. She has been in the media industry for more than 18 years with Advanced Media Management Honours obtained from Wits University.

She brings a wealth of experience as serving as an Associate Facilitator and Project Coordinators at Democracy Development Program, KZN. Her work focuses on document development, migration management, social cohesion and promotion of human rights through democracy awareness. Gugu’s work contributes significantly to the field of capacity building. 

Violet Mutonga – Facilitator

Violet Mtonga is a Zambian who is now nationalized in South Africa as a citizen. She has been working in retail most of her lif and currently working for Cosy Chic as a Manager.

“I am one of the CSOs in the Sydenham Area. I also work very closely with Gracious Women International as a program director. I am an easy person to work with love singing, reading, and cooking in my spare time”

Xoliswa Jwili- Facilitator

Xoliswa Jwili is a dedicated and driven individual with a passion for social justice and community service. She has a background in alternative dispute resolution, advocacy, project management, law, and Facilitation.

 Equipped with skills, experience, and expertise, Miss Jwili strives to be the voice of the vulnerable by addressing social ills and fighting for Human rights. She is eager to put her skills and experience to use in a research officer position where she can positively impact different communities.

As a legal practitioner, Xoliswa enjoys research, drafting, and communicating effectively and persuasively. She can understand different perspectives and find common ground, which makes her an asset in any legal and dispute resolution situation.

Her skills in project management have allowed her to successfully oversee and coordinate complex projects, ensuring that they stay on track and meet all goals and objectives.

Jais Mbewe – Community Leader & Facilitator

Jais Mbewe is a seasoned community development practitioner having earned his hoops working as a religious leader, life coach and sports coach working with children and young adults. He founded Spring-Board Ministries and runs a comprehensive project, which includes mathematics and chess. At Spring-Board Chess academy, young people are exposed to the topics on human rights, responsibilities, values, hardworking and respect for self, humanity, and the environment. He is also on the pastoral team of Light House Church, a thriving multiracial church in the city of Durban. The church is involved in community work at length.    

Mr. Mbewe has worked in different communities including university residences as a DDP associate facilitator dealing with topics such as politics and development, governance, local government, democratic processes, participation, and accountability, and building functional and effective relationships between citizens and the government.

Paul Soti – Facilitator

Paul Soti a highly skilled and experienced SETA-accredited trainer and facilitator with over 10 years of experience in the field of human, skills development and training. He received his accreditation from the Services Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA).

Paul specializes in facilitating learning in various fields such as sales and marketing, business management, leadership development, entrepreneurship, CA agriculture, manufacturing (detergents) and technical skills training. His expertise lies in designing and implementing training programs that cater to the specific needs of individuals and organizations.

Zamantungwa Mntungwa – Facilitator

Zamantungwa is a young, vibrant, and versatile individual who was born and raised in Ndulinde, a rural area in the Northern part of KZN. Who relocated to Durban for greener pastures.  

“I am passionate about the arts and youth development. I’m also experienced in social facilitation, project planning, MC, radio presenting, and experienced in community engagements. I’m a co-founder of Ngizwe Ngobuciko Bami and Umthombo Art Sensation, 2021 peace ambassador for Church World Service, and event coordinator and facilitator at the Lindelani Youth Forum”.

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